During national lockdowns and Tier 2 and 3 restrictions, buffets restaurants in England are not able to operate normal service because of government social distancing and Covid-19 safety requirements. 

Customer and staff safety is a priority for us and the Bento is a good solution for providing you with good choice and generous portions while these restrictions are in place. 


The Bento offers servings of 6 dishes from a selection of over 40 for the same price as only one dish from a take away or high street restaurant. We believe that this represents good customer value in the absence of our regular buffet. 

If you do miss our regular service just remember, Bento saves time and is safe full service dining providing multiple selections for the same price as a single dish in a normal restaurant or takeaway. 

And don’t forget we also have a wide selection of light bites and sharing plates from our a la carte menu as well as a full bar, desserts, coffee and tea to round out your visit with us. 

We look forward to seeing you.

BK Bento pic.jpg


  • Bento boxes have 6 compartments

  • Each compartment gives you a selection of specific dishes to choose from for that part of the Bento

  • Each menu item has a unique code. Simply write the code of the dish you want in the space on the order card. *

  • A member of staff will then collect the card and prepare your order.

  • Your Bento box will be brought to your table. **

  • We suggest that if you want to maximise the variety of dishes on your table that you order different dishes and share as the portions in each bento are quite large. 

** You are not limited to Bento when you visit Buffet King. You can also order large plates off our A la carte menu, or small starters and desserts. Buffet King has a fully stocked bar and teas and coffee are also available.