buffet king bento box

About Our Bento

The delight of Oriental cuisine has been at the heart of the Buffet King oriental restaurant for 12 years and the Oriental Bento is our newest service innovation. 


The Bento box follows a centuries old Japanese tradition of complete multi course meals in a single large compartmentalised box. Bento offers you numerous selections, ample portions and authentic taste while adhering to social distancing regulations and ethically reducing food waste.


The Bento Box allows a selection of buffet style foods to be chosen by customers and then prepared by staff. Enjoy a wide selection of oriental flavours with each Bento meal providing six of your favourite dishes for the same price as one dish on the high street or from a take away. 


In this way your meals can be prepared to proper restaurant grade standards of hygiene, and served to you directly at your table. Thats full table service so you’ll never have to leave your seat.  


We doubt that you will still be hungry after getting through a Bento but if you are, don’t forget we are launching a great new selection of sharing dishes, sides and smaller “dim sum” style plates for you to try as well as our dessert menu. 


We hope that you will support us as we try to ensure that you have the same great Buffet King experience during these unusual times while also fulfilling our commitment to improving food quality and taste, supporting local suppliers, keeping our staff employed and reducing food waste.


BKBento. Buffet in a box.